Kids in Art School ’23

55gsm newsprint
350mm x 500mm
Printed in Newspaper Club, LDN

Kids In Art School (KIAS) is an ongoing project initiated in 2019 and later revived in 2023 for a new issue. It serves as a general inquiry into global art education experiences—an exposé+overlook into what’s happening inside art schools/universities mechanisms.

Served with one metallic risograph print. The textual content is constructed by three poems written by ChatGPT Model 4. ‘Art School Business’ is the input text.

A conversational framework generated from individuals’ educational experience sharing to open discussions. These ongoing discourses investigate how the new generation deal with the precarity of designers and ‘creative artworkers’ after graduation or even in the industry.

All the juicy contents will be present in newsprint format as a projection of the system’s decay and corruption.

Copyright © 2023 Chiao Huang. All rights reserved.