3D Scanning + Video Making
Apt.41 is an experimental moving image using a 3D scanning technique. It focuses on the relationship between the self and dwelling by documenting the physicality of the domestic place and how memories and affection held in personal objects invite creativity and an in-depth understanding of the self.

A creep into the most intimate and fragile part of oneself—a starting point for research studying ontology, auto-ethnography and objecthood.


111, a 111-page digital publication, scanned and assembled from 35 books selected from the nomadic shelf in apt.41.

An ongoing project that applies an alternative cut-up technique to regenerate a new informative system within a ready-made collection. By orchestrating independent pages handpicked from the shelf, the reinterpretation forms an open-source digital publication for everyone to participate in this reassembly (Thanks to Are.na.).

This creative process reconsiders how the system can be constructed and alternated, especially in the digital realm. Furthermore, it unwraps the methodology behind the creative process and invites more engagement from the outer world.

You’re warmly welcome to contribute your pages to 111 !!!!!!!

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